Hanuman Temple at Connaught Place in Delhi

Introduction of Hanuman Temple Of Connaught in Delhi

As per research, Lord Playing a major role in Hindu Culture and whole Hindu culture is the devotee of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shree Ram, Lord Shiv and Krishna etc. and All devotee is Pray each God separately only for this purpose many different temples are made in India like Hanuman Temple, Shiv temple, Ram temple etc.

Some Temples are very oldest in India and these are made many years ago. And this article is about one them the Temple at the Connaught place in Delhi. This temple is very oldest in India. As per Hindu beliefs, This Temple was made up in Mahabharata Time period, of Dwapar Yug and Pandavs made this temple.Hanuman Temple

All Details Of The Hanuman temple

This Temple is the very oldest temple in India is placed at the Baba Kharak Shing Marg in Connaught place of New Delhi. It is an ancient Hindu temple and this temple was built in Mahabharata time in New Delhi. As per Hindu beliefs, Pandavs Built five temple after they won Mahabharat war (Kurukshetra war).

The deity of Hanuman Of this temple is very unique and is a Swayambhuhu. The face of the main Idol of Bhagawan Hanuman is seen as Bal Hanuman, facing the south. Lord Bal Hanuman carries Gadha (Hammar) in his left hand as per research the hight of the temple is 108 feet in the meter is 32.9 |

The Main Entrance Gate is known as Dwar adores embossed. The artwork done by the skilled craftsmen is a testimony of the devotion. At the roof of the main Mantap was painted in whole Ramayan. This painting was increasing the show of the Hanuman Temple.

The Temple was repaired and developed by the Municipal Council of New Delhi. They take great care and serve as the hub for religious activity. This Temple had a great Mehandi Designs. As ladies are using Mehandi to design their palms.

History of The Hanuman Temple

When Tulsidas visited this Temple and he was summoned by Mughal Emperor and asked to perform a miracle. Which he did with the Blessing of Lord Hanuman. The Emperor was pleased with Tulsidas and presented Crescent Moon Final which adorns the temple spire.

It was also, claimed that because of the crescent moon symbol on the spire hence the temple was not destroyed by the Muslim rulers who invaded India at various time.

Festivals of Hanuman Temple

The birthday of Lord Hanuman is known as Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated every year with Hindu devotee. Hanuman Jayanti celebrated on the day of Purnima (Full moon) of month Chaitra (March- April) this is held according to Hindu Calander. In this festival, devotee wears colorful clothes. Some devotee wears Lord Hanuman Mask and Tails with full of joy and happiness.

Pooja Time Schedule Of The Hanuman Temple

Daily Pooja schedule of the Temple where puja starting at 5.00 am ends at 1.00 pm again starts from 3.00 pm ends in 11 p.m. The Tuesday and Saturday pooja running the whole day because of Tuesday and Saturday are special days of worship when devotee congregates at the temple in large number.

Records of This Hanuman Temple
This Temple occurs a position on Guinness Book of World Records Of 24 Hours Chanting of the Mantra(Hymn) ” Shree Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram,.. since Augst 1 1964
The conclusion of the Hanuman Temple

This is all the Hanuman Temple and all details of this temple were explained. if you want to read Hanuman Chalisa then check below link

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