The Secret Of who wrote Hanuman Chalisa

As people know about Hanuman Chalisa but more people never know about the writer of Hanuman Chalisa. In this article, we explain all secret of who wrote Hanuman Chalisa. As per Research Hanuman Chalisa a Popular in Hindu Culture. In this religion, people are the devotee of some Gods. The Prey to impress their God hence they reading some devotional hymn. So far many people read Hanuman Chalisa because many people are the devotee of lord Hanuman.

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Who Wrote Hanuman Chalisa

In the 16th Century, the Hindu Poet-saint and the great devotee of “Lord Shree Ram and Lord Hanuman” Tulsidas wrote the Hanuman Chalisa. Tulsidas wrote The Hanuman hymn. This time Tulsidas Suffer from a problem. The Mughal emperor ordered to arrest him.

All details of Who Wrote Hanuman Chalisa and When and How

By the above information, Tulsidas wrote Hanuman Chalisa. In 16th Century Mughal Emperor rule over India. The Emperor thought Tulsidas Misguiding people. Hence Akbar ordered to arrest Tulsidas. Akbar asks Tulsidas to perform a miracle. Tulsidas don’t agree to perform, and here Tulsidas prised hymn for Hanuman. This Hymn Known as Hanuman Hymn. This Hymn is an important part of the Ramayan.

Tulsidas was chanted Hanuman hymn for four days, as a result, a money force attack on Akbar’s army. In Conclusion, Akbar fell at Tulsidas feet and apologize. As a result, Akbar live Delhi and the Hanuman Temple is secured by Akbar. The Oldest Hanuman Temple In Delhi is now in Guinness book of World Record.

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To complete Hanuman Chalisa Tulsidas Took time of 1 year and 7 months. Tulsidas Wrote Hanuman Chalisa in Awadhi Language. Now a day Every Hindu people know about this hymn. All people read the hymn to impress Hanuman by their devotions.

Conclusion Of Hanuman Chalisa Writer

Above all, details are about the writer of the hymn. But, here you can read Hanuman Chalisa in Many Language, Consequently, if you have any problem Then Comment below.

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Who Wrote Hanuman Chalisa ?

Hindu poet-saint Tulsidas Wrote Hanuman Chalisa

when was Hanuman Chalisa written?

The Hanuman Chalisa was Written in 16th Century

Who is the writer of Hanuman Chalisa?

Hindu Poet Tulsidas Is Writer Of Hanuman Chalisa

The Secret Of who wrote Hanuman Chalisa
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